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Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 1Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 2Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 3Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 4Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 5Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 6Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 7Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 8Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 9Front Fork Kit, Honda CB150R/CB300R 10

Front Fork KIt, Honda CB150R/CB300R

This fork kit comprises the fork components to convert the NSR150SP to a modern upside down front suspension.

The main part of this product are the two Showa fork legs with radial brake mount which are an OE Honda part. Note, it is necessary to also order the triple clamp/handlebar kit as well as a fender and brake caliper to complete the modification. Together with the fork legs, the kit includes a wheel shaft and nut as well as the TYGA Performance speedo drive stay kit which locks the speedo drive of the standard NSR150SP wheel into a safe position when using these forks. It does not include the front caliper which is of 100mm radial type.

We recommend using brake kit TPER-0105 and brake line BLSF-0004 with these forks. We also recommend installing TYGA Performance preload adjusters TPER-0083 for more accurate suspension adjustment.

This product contains the following items:
Wheel, Spacer, L. USD Fork Conversion, CNC Silver, Honda NSR150SP1 x  (TYLY-0271L) Wheel, Spacer, L. USD Fork Conversion, CNC Silver, Honda NSR150SP $10.14US
Fork Left, CB150R/CB300R1 x  (51500-K94-T01) Fork Left, CB150R/CB300R $256.54US
Fork Right, CB150R/CB300R1 x  (51400-K94-T11) Fork Right, CB150R/CB300R $256.54US
Front Axle, Honda CB150R/CB300R1 x  (44301-K94-T01) Front Axle, Honda CB150R/CB300R $9.17US
Front Axle Nut, Honda CB150R/CB300R1 x  (90305-K64-N00) Front Axle Nut, Honda CB150R/CB300R $3.35US
Brake Caliper Dowel, CB150R/CB300R2 x  (51497-K94-T00) Brake Caliper Dowel, CB150R/CB300R $1.98US
Wheel, Spacer, R. USD Fork Conversion, CNC Silver, Honda NSR150SP1 x  (TYLY-0271R) Wheel, Spacer, R. USD Fork Conversion, CNC Silver, Honda NSR150SP $8.19US
Stay, Speedo Drive, NSR150SP, Assy1 x  (BPSY-0300) Stay, Speedo Drive, NSR150SP, Assy $8.62US

Cost of separate parts: $556.53US

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