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Set, 2T Blank Plug and Blank Plug Holder 1

Set, 2T Blank Plug and Blank Plug Holder

Consist of the following 2 products:

TYLY-0012: 2T Blank Plug Replaces Gear Position Sensor for race use. Secure with liquid gasket such as Three Bond 1104

TYLY-0015: Blank Plug holder Secures plug TYLY-0012. Secured to engine case using existing M6 hole

Note for blocking the extra 2T feed on later model oil pumps.

On later engines (some MC21 and all MC28, there is an extra oil feed to the cases which can be observed when the oil pump is removed. HRC used to supply a little aluminium plug that you knocked into this extra hole to blank it off. However, that is discontinued so what to do depends on whether the conversion to pre-mix is permanent or not.

If permanent, then we recommend you make sure it's all clean and degreased, and then fill the hole with epoxy steel. Allow it to cure and it'll never leak.

If you're not sure if you'll ever go back to the oil pump, but would like the option, then we suggest covering the hole with a small thin disc of steel or plastic, and then using a RTV sealant to sort of glue that in place and also block it off. The RTV will stop any leaks, and the small disc will stop any RTV going down the hole. This is then soft enough to be cut away at a later date should you need to.


This product contains the following items:
2T Blank Plug1 x  (TYLY-0012) 2T Blank Plug $4.83US
Blank Plug holder1 x  (TYLY-0015) Blank Plug holder $4.76US

Cost of separate parts: $9.59US

You save $0.00US
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